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Avoid These 7 Deadly Mistakes When Creating Your Online Dating Profile

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7 Deadly Mistakes

Many people turn to online dating in hopes of finding true love. The Internet can be a great tool for connecting with a potential mate, but you need to make sure you’re using it the right way. Here are seven online dating mistakes to avoid: When looking for Asian women follow these steps:

Making snap judgments- With most dating sites, moving on to the next profile is as simple as a swipe or click. However, you shouldn’t be so quick to scan through those photos. Take an extra moment to really look at a person’s profile picture. Slow down and you may discover that you’re actually attracted to someone’s cute smile or soulful eyes. A second glance could lead to a real connection.

Being too picky – If you sign up for an online dating site with the expectation that everyone will be picture perfect, you’re … Read More...

Tips On Creating Your Online Dating Profile

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Creating Your Profile

Ask a random person in the street what they most want in life and the majority will reply ‘to be happy’. The bookstores are stuffed with self-help books promising happiness and a new life. Yet happiness is really easier to achieve than many believe. Follow these tips for attracting Asian single women.

The first step is a simple one: take care of your body. Our mood depends a great deal on how healthy our body is. No matter how popular and successful an individual may be, if she skips meals, never exercises, goes to bed late and lives on a diet of fizzy drinks, junk food, alcohol and caffeine her mood will suffer. Regular exercise in natural light, lots of raw fruits and vegetables, fresh oily fish and plenty of sleep can hugely improve your state of mind.

A fit and healthy body is only the … Read More...

Dating Advice – Are We Dating Or Just Friends?

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Dating Advice

In this week’s dating advice post, we’re going to tackle the issue of the relationship status. Asian singles will often want more than just a friendship. It’s getting very blurry these days to determine whether you’re actually dating someone, or just hanging out as friends. A 25-year old college student told me that she’s never been more confused about dating in her life. After chatting and texting with a guy she met online for several weeks, he sent her a text to say, “Hey, let’s hang out tonight.”

So, what does hanging out mean?  Here is some dating advice, Hanging out could be several things. He might have a party to go with and they’d be hanging out with a group of friends. It’s his way of saying I’d like to have a date with you tonight. He’d like to hook up for a casual fling. He’s testing … Read More...