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Signs Of An Internet Dating Scam

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Dating Scam To Avoid:

Dating ScamNo one wants to think they could be taken advantage by an internet dating scam, and yet hundreds of thousands of people are every single year. In fact, the US Embassy to Russia receives reports every single day from people concerned they’ve been scammed by a Russian single looking for love.
Dating Filipino women is one of the safer approaches when online dating.

So how do you avoid falling prey to an internet dating scam in the first place? Take heed of the following red flags and you’ll be much more aware, prepared and ready should someone try and take advantage of you.

Signs of an Internet Dating Scam – Watch for Email Discrepancies

Have you ever exchanged emails with someone you met through an internet dating site, just to wonder if its the same Dating Scamperson who is replying to your messages each time? Or perhaps … Read More...

How To Avoid Internet Dating Scams – Part 2

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part 2 – Scams

partReally listen to the questions they ask of you. What kind of questions are you being asked? This is a common mistake made by so many, but in reality, what does it matter what kind of money you earn or the value of your house? Of course, many scam artists will not be so obvious, but it can happen and does on a regular basis, so if the conversation starts to steer towards finances, it might be time to close the account! Finding an Asian online is a much safer route!

Be wary if the person you’ve just cyber-met asks probing questions to do with your finances, your personal life and the people you know. Tell the person you’re uncomfortable giving away any such information to something you’ve yet to meet.

partConsider the speed with which the other person professes to love/want/need/desire you. Scam artists commonly … Read More...

How To Avoid Internet Dating Scams – Part 1

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Internet Dating & Dangers

Internet DatingPay attention. When you start talking to someone on the internet, pay particular attention to the messages that they are sending. Are the messages answering the questions that you are asking or are they just generic messages that could be sent to anyone with just one minor change for each – the name? Prolific romance scam artists will generally use the same messages for everyone that they are trying to lure in as victims so if the messages are too general for your liking, back away as fast as you can. They are so generic that you can often find much of what they write by searching on Google. Even on profiles, the text can be copied and pasted from that found on other dating sites. Filipino women are usually a safer bet when online dating because they are very interested in white males.

1. Consider …