Tips On Creating Your Online Dating Profile

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Creating Your Profile

Ask a random person in the street what they most want in life and the majority will reply ‘to be happy’. The bookstores are stuffed with self-help books promising happiness and a new life. Yet happiness is really easier to achieve than many believe. Follow these tips for attracting Asian single women.

The first step is a simple one: take care of your body. Our mood depends a great deal on how healthy our body is. No matter how popular and successful an individual may be, if she skips meals, never exercises, goes to bed late and lives on a diet of fizzy drinks, junk food, alcohol and caffeine her mood will suffer. Regular exercise in natural light, lots of raw fruits and vegetables, fresh oily fish and plenty of sleep can hugely improve your state of mind.

A fit and healthy body is only the first step, however. Next, you must choose to be happy. Life is often difficult and disappointing, but you can choose to see only the positive in every event. For example, if it is raining think “imagine how beautifully green everywhere will be”. Positive thinking is made more difficult by unrealistic expectations. Many of us expect too much of people and too much of life. The more you expect, the more disappointed and unhappy you risk becoming. Ambition can be a good thing, but not if taken too far. The very ambitious spend most of their lives thinking “I shall be happy when I get that house”, or “I shall be happy when I achieve promotion”. A far more sensible approach to life is to live in the moment and take pleasure in small things: in a hot bubble bath, in a good film or a sunny morning.

Human beings are social creatures and our happiness depends a great deal on the people in our lives. If you wish to feel happier, make more of an effort both to meet new people and to strengthen the bond with those already close to you. Asian single women love when you put in effort!

Finally, it is helpful to cultivate your empathy and compassion for others. The selfish and self-centered are locked up inside their own ego. Sympathy and compassion lift you out of this lonely little self. Happiness does not lie in a few possessions. It is not something to be endlessly pursued. Happiness arises naturally when you keep your body healthy, keep your ambitions realistic, cultivate a positive outlook, live in the moment and make times for others.

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