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Advice – Why Do You Keep Staring At His Online Profile?

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Staring At His Online Profile

The good news is, you’ve met someone you’re crazy about online. This is a frequent occurrence when searching for Asian singles. While it’s normal to log on and read your emails and search for others until you’re exclusive, it’s often painful when your new love interest hasn’t taken his or her profile down.

Just because they haven’t unplugged their profile, doesn’t mean they’re looking for someone else to put in rotation on the dating docket. Gina wrote to me saying she knew she had met ‘the one.’ Her new guy told her on the second date that he was crazy about her and started talking about the future. He wanted to see her all the time and everything was moving in a normal direction except, his profile was still active.

This caused Gina great stress and as a result, she started logging on under a … Read More...

Online Dating- Conversation Starters

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Dating Conversation Starters

So what are dating conversation starters? After what seems like waiting for your whole life, you’ve finally found someone online that you really, really like. You can’t wait to get close, to really connect, to get to know them, and to share everything about yourself. But what do you say to them? What could you two talk about?  Where to start when Asian singles dating? How do you get the conversation going? Here are just a few ideas for you to try for dating conversation starters!

Movies and TV series:Try asking about what their favorite movie or TV show of all time is. Or, alternatively, you two could discuss the last movie you have seen. What did you like about it? What could have been better? Was it based off of a book? Do you enjoy reading? Does she? What type of books:  mysteries, romance, fiction, … Read More...

How To Find The Right One – Online Dating!

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Online Dating

Online dating – Hi Everyone and welcome to Online Dating!

We hope you’re having a great Holiday Season! Our staff receives a lot of mail from both men AND women asking us to help them find the “Right One”. Online dating is all about finding the “Right One”. We can’t just say, “This person is the right one for you, here you go!” Only YOU know who will be the Right One for you. You know things that we don’t, like: What kind of person you’d like to meet (older, younger, traditional, religious), What you’d really like to see in other people (personality, hobbies).

What can YOU do with online dating?

1) Write a great personal ad. Tell your future partner about yourself, and the kind of person you’re searching for. It doesn’t need to be long, but it should be more than just a few words. Example:Read More...