Dating Advice – Are We Dating Or Just Friends?

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Dating Advice

In this week’s dating advice post, we’re going to tackle the issue of the relationship status. Asian singles will often want more than just a friendship. It’s getting very blurry these days to determine whether you’re actually dating someone, or just hanging out as friends. A 25-year old college student told me that she’s never been more confused about dating in her life. After chatting and texting with a guy she met online for several weeks, he sent her a text to say, “Hey, let’s hang out tonight.”

So, what does hanging out mean?  Here is some dating advice, Hanging out could be several things. He might have a party to go with and they’d be hanging out with a group of friends. It’s his way of saying I’d like to have a date with you tonight. He’d like to hook up for a casual fling. He’s testing the waters, so keeping it cool to see if he likes you or not. Whatever the intention means when someone says, let’s hang out, one thing is for sure, singles are confused about their relationship status with members of the opposite sex. Whether they’ve met while cyberdating or out-and-about, dating in groups has added to the confusion for many singles.

When I digged a bit more into her “relationship” with her texting beau, I found out he took her out to dinner. He paid for dinner. He gave her a short kiss after dinner. He went back to texting with her for several weeks and then asked her to hang out again. The Digital Dating Process, The digital dating process does include flirting via text to stay in touch, emails back-and-forth, and putting actual dates on the calendar. The rise in popularity of group dating, where singles who like each other hang out in a group and go to an event together, makes most women unsure of where they stand in the relationship, or if they’re even in a relationship at all. My response to her was, “Yes, you did go on a date.” She wasn’t sure if he was just being chivalrous and kind by paying for her dinner, but they didn’t go “Dutch” treat and he did ask her out again. There are many ways of approaching Asian singles about their relationship status, but most important have confidence.

Is he her boyfriend? No. Just because he sends texts daily, doesn’t mean you’re status has been elevated to boyfriend or girlfriend. Chances are he’s playing the field, having fun, and doesn’t really want a steady girlfriend. More than likely, it’s a flirtationship, which is a common place in between friends and being in a relationship. He has an active online dating profile and she has an active online dating profile.

If a man really wants to make you his girlfriend, he’ll let you know. He won’t want anyone to claim you as his and will make his intentions known. Login to to read more about asian online dating advice.

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