Discusses the pros and cons of Mail Order Brides and how it relates to international dating between Asian singles and Western men. The modern misconception about Philippines international dating and mail order brides benefits.

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Relationship Advice

Online Dating Services

January 21, 2015 / Mail Order Bride / 1 Comment /

Online Dating Services

Online dating services are one of the most popular methods for meeting new friends and potential love interests. Forget the bars and the blind dates and get in on the ground floor where connections happen

Online dating services have opened up the doors for many singles when it comes to dating or finding a lasting and meaningful relationship. How to look for 100% free online dating site. The quick growth of these popular social sites has made it possible for millions of people to make a love connection on a global basis. The best Asian dating sites are readily available online such as filipino4u.com!

An online dating service can often be the first step in finding that special someone who is also looking for a serious and committed relationship. Hot filipinas can be found in any Asian dating sites. Alternatively, these sites also provide the opportunity … Read More...

Why Do Single Men In The West Find Asian Wives?

January 20, 2015 / Mail Order Bride / 1 Comment /

Asian Wives

I wrote some articles about why Western men marry Asian wives. There are some reasons to make single ladies who live in Asia understand clearly. Use online dating sites to date Asian girls. Most of these foreign men couldn’t marry a woman in their own country. They are poor. They live on a welfare money from the government so they can’t afford to get a white lady. They are rejected by white ladies in their hometown. Filipino women from countryside are the best choice to be your wife.

They dislike to marry a woman in a first world country after the divorce. They can’t stand on a hard-head wife anymore. They like to marry a young and sexy Asian wife. They like to find a simple wife so they are less headache. They like to be treated as a husband. They want to act as a husband to … Read More...

Why Do Young Asian Girls Marry Foreigners

January 19, 2015 / Mail Order Bride / 1 Comment /


There are thousands of Asian girls dating and marrying foreigners. They are either in Asia or in the West. Some reasons I like to briefly point out about why many of Asian women prefer to marry foreign husbands. We use the term “girls” is because most unmarried Asian ladies prefer to be called “girls” instead of “women” or “ladies”. However, in this article we use each term interchangeably. Also, we mean about foreigners are those Native men who live in any specific country. Joining an Asian dating website can make it easier for Asian girls and foreign men to meet. Meet a chinese lady looking for husband.

The power of money & opportunities is what some people think is why Young Asian Girls marry foreigners, but the truth is, most Asian women marry for the chance at real love and respect!  A normal life of safety and … Read More...