Discusses the pros and cons of Mail Order Brides and how it relates to international dating between Asian singles and Western men. The modern misconception about Philippines international dating and mail order brides benefits.

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How To Know The Difference: Mail Order Brides And Online Dating

January 15, 2015 / Mail Order Bride / 1 Comment /

Mail Order Brides

When it comes to online relationships and the fallacy of Mail Order Brides, it’s good to know what you’re getting yourself into and even better to know where you stand as of now. So, let’s get a few things straight! Get to know your Asian personals! Filipino women that seek marriage outside her country is not for money but they truly are seeking real love. Men from all over the world wants these mail order girlfriends.

I’m sure you’ve heard of mail-order brides. Maybe you’ve even been called one before. Or have been accused of wanting one delivered to your door? Well, just a gentle reminder, this is NOT a mail-order bride service! We are an online dating service. Some men find foreign brides to be the most beautiful inside and out. The very idea of mail order brides is really outdated and misinformed. It’s used much … Read More...

Not Sure About International Dating? Why You Should Give It A Try

January 14, 2015 / Mail Order Bride / 1 Comment /

International Dating

International dating? Let’s face it: the idea of international dating can be intimidating for even the most confident man. The idea of starting a relationship from across the world can be a serious undertaking, especially when looking for the right life partner. You need to find the right person, talk to them, woo them, and finally meet them to see if the chemistry is right. It can be an exhausting endeavor that not everyone is prepared for… Join one of the many Asian sites.

But it’s definitely worth it. Despite all the setbacks, issues and heartbreaks that might happen with international dating, it’s worth it to put yourself out there in the international dating world. From Chinese women to Filipino women, these women are some of the most sincere, honest, and affectionate women in the world – but you’re never going to meet them unless you take a … Read More...

International Online Dating: Why The Era Of The Mail Order Bride Is Over

January 12, 2015 / Mail Order Bride / 2 Comments /

International Online Dating

In days before international online dating websites first cropped up, the international dating process looked a little something like this: men are looking for Asian woman photos on their profile to message and start a relationship with. Learn these site form international cupid review. Man opens up newspaper or publication, looks for the section about “Mail Order Brides.” Man writes to potential prospects with his offers. After a few nerve-wracking months, the mail-order bride’s visa is approved and she goes to live with her new husband in the United States. Men from west benefited these overseas dating sites.

No matter whether you were looking to date Chinese women or Filipino women, this old rule of thumb made it possible for the husband-to-be to choose from the very best and beautiful mail-order brides. Most of these women were dreaming of a life in a country where it was … Read More...