How To Have Fun While Dating In The Philippines

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Fun While Dating in the Philippines

Many foreigners from all over the globe like dating in the Philippines at least once in their life. You may observe that these tourists come from different continents – the commonality is that they like the Philippines because of the fun activities that they can pursue during their vacation. If you want to date a Filipina, you should look for activities in the country that you and she would enjoy doing together. Join an Asian chat to talk to Asian girls when you cannot afford to travel.

The younger set of Filipinos like to visit malls in their leisure time – the trend is called “malling” by these young people. Malls are cropping up in many provinces and some may even be located within the rural provinces (not just in the cities). A good aspect about going malling is that you will find many high end boutique shops in these malls, offering brand name items that could be familiar to you but new to your Filipina companion. This means you can have a good time just window shopping while you go through the mall. If you are looking for local products, these too are available in many malls throughout the country. Many of these local brands could be priced much lower than their foreign counterparts. You should visit during the weekdays if possible because many malls overflow with shoppers on the weekends.

Going island hopping is another favorite vacation activity of tourists, primarily because of the nice beaches that can be found throughout the archipelago. If you want convenience you may want to stay in one of the many beach resorts in various islands though some beaches in isolated islands could also be appealing to you. Beach resorts may be good to stay in if you are looking for a dive center where you could learn how to scuba dive or maybe just do some snorkeling. For safety reasons you should select a beach resort with armed security guards on patrol constantly as some people dating in the Philippines are dangerous for foreigners.

One must-try for any foreigner is to take a ride in the local “bancas” – these boats can be found in many seaside communities where they are used by fishermen for their daily livelihood. You might also wait for the fishermen to arrive at the beach so you can buy freshly caught seafood then have it cooked by the kitchen staff at the resort you will be staying in. It pays to pick seafood that is not available in your home country for this because you will really be immersed in the local cuisine.

If you prefer to visit the cities with your Filipina friend, take note that some cities seem to be more important than others from a history buff’s perspective. In the capital of Manila, for instance, you can go to Intramuros which was built by the Spaniards during colonial times. Some golf aficionados visit the golf course surrounding the walls of Intramuros so this could be an opportunity to teach your Filipina companion the basics of golf. Rizal Park is also found in Manila and worth visiting to find out more about Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines. You could also go to the nearby Cultural Center of the Philippines to visit the Coconut Palace which was originally built for Pope John Paul II to stay in. This structure is a good example of the skill of local artisans in the use of coconut wood plus is quite near Manila Bay and its famous sunsets. Joining an Asian chat is a good alternative to dating in the Philippines!

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