Why Has Online Dating Become So Popular?

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Dating Become So Popular

Cupid’s arrows have now officially turned digital. A study at the University of Rochester last year showed that online dating is now the second most common way of meeting your soul mate. Over 25 million unique users were using an online dating service every month last year and there are more people signing up even as you read this. The nights at the bar in hope of meeting an interesting person have now been replaced with a few clicks on your computer from the comfort of your living room. Social gatherings have been replaced by social networking. So how is it that a system, previously shunned to be the last resort of lonely nerds, has gained such widespread acceptance? Why is it that millions of people around the world are steering clear of the stigma attached to online dating? Going on Asian dates from girls you’ve met online is easy when using an Asian dating site.

The answers to these questions stem from a combination of factors brought upon us by the society of the 21st century. We are increasingly defined today by how hectic our days are. The money we receive for our work is closely tied to the output we produce, our promotions to the quality of our output and the quality of our output to the amount of time we spend at work. So we are almost unknowingly made to choose between a healthy social life and a successful professional life and most people tend to go with the latter. What this means is that, we are left with very little time to socialize and get to know a person one on one, especially considering the other person leads as busy a life as you.

It saves a lot of time

And this is where online dating scores, or lets you score (pun intended). It drastically reduces the time that the ritual of dating involves. Since you already described your profession, interests and preferences beforehand, you do not need to go through the phase of introducing yourself and hoping that you guys can hit it off. You will not be wasting time on people with whom you are sure you are not compatible. And since you can get to know multiple people at once, you don’t have to spend exclusive time with any of them until you are fairly certain that you want to date a particular person. Online dating is literally like a short cut to a 5th old school date. It is an elegant system that fits right into our busy lives and therefore increasingly embraced by millions.

Choices, choices, choices

Another reason for its popularity is the ‘shopping mentality’ that our culture is tending to choose nowadays. We always like to have choices, rate and compare products against each other before settling on one. It makes people feel that they are in control, and perhaps, they are correct. With hundreds of profiles on display, a dating site is a romantic equivalent of a conventional supermarket. You can pick, choose and reject if you are not satisfied with what you see; and all of this you get to do in a clean way, without involving bad break ups and shouting matches. Asian dates can be found online.

The concept of online dating, like all elegant technologies, is however not without its pitfalls. While it greatly reduces the time involved in getting to know a person and gives you much more control, it removes the warmth of an actual human interaction. There is also no way foolproof way of actually verifying a person’s identity online which leaves you exposed to people who lie about their age, jobs and try to paint a pretty picture with words. It is a great system, but it is also one that needs to be used with discretion and caution.

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    August 29, 2019

    Right, online dating has become hugely popular not because of the growing population but because of technology.

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