Tips For A Picture Perfect Profile Photo!

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Picture Perfect

The first thing that will be seen on your profile is your picture! It’s your chance to make a great first impression. Here are some tips to make the best impression you can When trying to meet Asian women:

Make sure it’s a recent picture and realistic of what you look like NOW. Make the photos realistic and honest. If you want to hype it a little, you can. Prevent any misunderstandings, confusion and hurt feelings by showing the person you are TODAY. Sexy Asian women take it slow when it comes to dating.

Don’t wear weird clothing or dark sunglasses, coats.  People get very suspicious when you hide your body or face with large clothing, hats, and sunglasses.   Keep the camera angle standard to show your natural shape.

Make sure your main photo is of yourself, alone. Nothing will turn off a prospective partner like seeing you with someone of the opposite sex in a profile picture. When a match sees your profile photo, they are mentally picturing how  the two of you would look together.  Keep the focus on yourself (not your ex, not your kids, not your best friend).

Location makes a difference. Unless you’re a big partier, you probably don’t want a picture of you at the bar with 10 bottles of beer on the counter!  Take pictures of you doing things you enjoy (sports or drinking coffee) in your favorite places. Why Filipino women doesn’t mind to date single dad.

Have a variety of photos. You might want one or two professional photographs but make sure to have some photos in casual situations, too.  If they’re all professional, it can come off as being vain and superficial. Online dating is a great technology created find someone to date from different part of the world.

Just remember, the clothes and location in the photos you post give people an impression of who you are. Make sure they’re realistic and portray who you are or you may attract the wrong type of person with your online dating profile.

Just be yourself! Keep in mind with online dating you need to be patient and don’t rush the process of finding your soulmate.  has thousands of potential matches so be patient- the right one is searching for you!

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    Martin J

    August 27, 2019

    If you provide a quality photo of you, people are more likely to chat.

  2. Avatar

    Rush F

    January 24, 2016

    people want to see your face, as they like to interact with real people. And smile for the camera! Smile research shows people are more likely to remember you if they meet you when you’re smiling

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