The Importance Of Being REALLY YOU In Online Dating!

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Being Really You

Is it hard being really you? It’s a strange set-up and happens to many people. In the effort to meet new people, you sort of start to become a new person yourself. It starts in the little things, like how you part your hair or what music you’ve been listening to lately. Embrace your Asian personals! Don’t get too carried away with a ‘new you’… stay true to yourself while seeking your true love.

Explore your ‘You-ness’ with these three vital questions: What are your limits, or ‘deal-breakers’? What are you looking for? What are you offering? There’s a ton of talk about ‘deal-breakers’. What are they? And how do they work? A ‘deal-breaker’ is something that is so important to you, that it can end a relationship. They are different for everyone. There are a few very obvious deal-breakers for couples and then there are the more minor ones: Major deal-breakers: abuse, cheating, deception Minor deal-breakers: drug use, alcoholism, money spending habits, whether or not you want or even like kids, opinion on pets. What are some of your deal-breakers? It’s important to set some limits and have some ground rules when starting new relationships.

Know what you’re looking for in a relationship and be aware of what you won’t tolerate. Being  really you and realistic in your expectations of others and honest with yourself when thinking about your goals. Getting to know your Asian personals and what you’re looking for is very necessary. It’s important to be clear. Be mindful of a possible language barrier when dating Asian women online; misunderstandings are the seeds of disagreements. Are you looking for friendship, a pen pal, or something more? Do you want to find a husband or wife?

It’s important to know what you want in a relationship and what you are bringing to the table. What do you have to offer another? And, I’m not talking about houses or cars! I’m talking about your personality. What sort of person are you? Are you pretty chill? A great listener? Or are you a thrill seeker? Love to hike? An avid reader? Maybe a TV addict? Describe your type of personality. If you have trouble thinking of something, ask a relative or friend how they would describe you. Imagine having someone beside you, sharing in your pastime. To be in harmony, it’s best if you enjoy similar hobbies. It may not sound glamorous to say that you enjoy watching TV, but you’d be surprised at how many conversational pathways could open up when you have a TV show that you are both into!

Someone is looking for You, just as you are. Who knows, Your online Asian singles could be online right now! Just be yourself. You do it better than anyone! Find out more about being really you at !


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