Online Safety In Dating, Simple Do’s And Dont’s…

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Online Safety

DO keep your heart, and mind on your goal.  If it is love, friendship, romance or just getting to know about online dating, then stay loving no matter what comes your way. If it is a sexual partner, especially if your’re looking for young Asian women, be honest and don’t act like you want a committed loving relationship in order to get sex as you will only find drama, sorrow and ultimately pain. When you join any online dating always consider first your safety.

If it is none of the above, why are you here? DO keep your money to yourself in the beginning.  If you are on a site for love and are hit up by people for money, you have to ask yourself, is this the kind of partner that I want?  If you seek to give away money, I will be happy to accept as will well over a million reputable charities around the world.

DO feel free to copy and paste your love letters you receive into Google to see if they show up as being a part of a scam, or perhaps they will be someone else’s work.  If this is the case, then you know a bit more about the person you are communicating with.  Knowledge is power, don’t be afraid to seek it out every chance you get. Going to Philippines to meet the woman of your dream is a risk and needs safety in your side.

DO feel free to listen to your gut.  Your inner voice… whatever you wish to call it, Divine Guidance, voices in your head, the language of the heart.  Whatever label you choose to affix to that inner voice that only is heard when all else is silenced. To find a good woman in the Philippines always know her background from other people.

DO feel free to take the time to learn the difference between your inner voice and your ego.  They both sound the same, but come from different places.

One will tell you something may be too good to be true simply because it doesn’t add up…

The other will tell you something is too good to be true because its happening to you…

Do you see the difference?

One will inhibit your ability to live, the other will make life more pleasant to live. Do feel free to live life and be happy


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    Rosaline I

    August 27, 2019

    Very informative, can't wait to try these out!

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