Online Dating Safety Tips From An Expert

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Online dating safety

Online dating safety is something that everyone needs to be concerned with. At Cyber-Dating Expert, we take safety seriously and are always sharing ways for you to feel safe and enjoy the Internet dating experience. Follow these Asian dating solutions tips to stay safe online.

In Louisiana, three stories occurred this month involving people who met online dating, social networking sites that resulting in hijacking and other crimes such as a robbery in a car. In one case, a man went to his car to meet a potential date, and instead of finding the woman, ten men were there, which resulted in a carjacking. I spent the morning on the radio on WWL AM/FM in New Orleans to provide dating safety tips to help prevent such occurrences.

While these occurrences are rare, it’s still important for online dating safety to point out the following, whether dating online or offline for these Asian dating solutions.

  1. Meet in a public place and don’t pick up your date.
  2. Don’t give out your last name or information where you work
  3. Let a friend know where you are meeting and call in or text to let them know you’re fine
  4. Don’t suggest a late night date
  5. Never go back to someone’s home on a first date
  6. Avoid drinking a lot of alcohol, which will impair your judgment
  7. Carry pepper spray on your key chain for when you’re walking to your car at night
  8. Conduct a Google search for your date’s name, phone number, and email addresss
  9. View your date’s profile photos in a Google reverse image search by uploading it to
  10. Do a background or people search for your date on sites such as Radaris or Spokeo
  11. Set up a free Google voice account with a number exclusively for dating
  12. If you’re uncomfortable for any reason, leave – online dating safety is your top concern
  13. If your date makes you feel unsafe online or offline, report their profile to the dating site
  14. Take your time getting to know someone on the phone and through emails before meeting
  15. Trust your intuition

Realize that while maybe 10% of your dates might not be truthful or may have ulterior motives, about 90% of the dates are truly great people looking to connect. There are millions of singles finding love online. Keep these safety tips in mind as you schedule your dates, but still enjoy the time getting to know someone.

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