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After what seems like waiting for your whole life, you’ve finally found someone online that you really, really like. You can’t wait to get close, to really connect, to get to know them, and to share everything about yourself. But what do you say to them? What could you two talk about?  Where to start?

Here are just a few ideas for you to try!

Movies and TV series:Try asking about what their favorite movie or TV show of all time is. Do you fall in love with someone you meet in an online dating site? Or, alternatively, you two could discuss the last movie you have seen. What did you like about it? What could have been better? Was it based off of a book? Where they women Asian that you could talk about?

Books:Do you enjoy reading? Does she? What type of books:  mysteries, romance, fiction, graphic novels, or non-fiction? Talk about your most-loved or least-liked books or authors.

Music:Everyone loves music. There are just so many genres out there that there’s something for everyone. Share what type of music you prefer and ask what she likes. Then you can narrow it down to which bands or singers are your favorite. One day, you two will have your own song! Filipino women tend to fall in love so easily in online dating.

Hobbies: What do you like to do for fun? Share what you enjoy doing whenever you have free time. Ask what he does. A hobby doesn’t have to sound fancy or too serious. For example, relaxing with a hot bath sounds better and more relatable than saying that you like skiing. If you have trouble thinking of things, try focusing on activities you do over the weekend and share those. What to say on your first chat online?

Games: This can mean so many things because there are so many games out there. Board games are classic. Do you play any? Have you been meaning to learn a card game? Does he have a favorite sport? Are there any games you like to play online? Perhaps you two could make a thing of it and play together. Where to meet in person for the first time after talking online.

Color: Discussing your favorite color is such a basic thing.  Ask, ‘what color are your eyes?’  Look at your closet. What color do you see the most of? Share it and ask her to do the same. What color is your favorite flower? Precious stone? Be creative and have fun with it.

Animal: If you were an animal, what would you want to be? Would other people say you were like that animal or like a different one? Which one? Talk about what sort of animals you have or would like to have as pets, domestic or exotic. What would you name them? Learn the process on filing for Fiance visa for your Filipino girl.

Plans for the Future/ Ambitions:  What are your long-term plans? This sounds like such a serious topic but it doesn’t need to be. Everything is in flux and plans changing all the time. You’ve just found True Love and now have this great opportunity to plan your lives together. Start by talking about what you want to do for education, work, and family so that you two can prominently place each other in these plans and, ultimately, help in achieving each other’s life goals.

These were just some ideas and each one could easily turn into a whole other topic to talk about. Most of all, just have fun and be honest with each other.  Best of luck in Love and Life!

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    Do your research first before starting any relationship.

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