Love at first swipe: How social media is changing the dating scene

Social Media & Dating

Facebook has been around for over a decade now, but we’re starting to hear about new trends in social media, especially when it comes to dating. A recent study shows that 11 percent of American adults and 38 percent of those who are currently single and looking have used social media dating sites or mobile dating apps. Find a free dating sites Philippines to meet women.

“Social media has really changed the landscape for young people,” UCCS assistant professor Elizabeth Daniels said. “So the immediacy of it is pretty substantial in terms of its feature.”. “I think the biggest thing for me is just that I was so busy at work and this was a way to kind of manage my time a little bit better and see what was out there and just make sure that I was spending my time on the best possible situation,” Baker said. Millions of single men and women from all over the world are being active on social media online dating.

And how does one choose who to initiate conversation with? “Based off of how they look, I think is the biggest thing. It’s much like a storefront. You see that is what you’re looking for,” said Baker. And how do you know they are who they say they are? “Some people are going to use it maliciously and take advantage,” Daniels said.

“I think the biggest thing with that– and I can’t urge the safety enough– it’s just really checking the person and background,” Baker said. “Checking them a little bit, whether it’s through their social media account or if it’s a friend of a friend or something like that.”. There’s even a TV show about this kind of thing. It’s called “catfishing,” or deceiving someone into thinking you’re someone else through an online profile.

“You’re taking at face value this person is who he or she says they are, but in fact that could be incorrect?,” Daniels said. “I think the biggest thing to be cautious of is just the safety behind the situation and what you’re getting yourself into and just really fact checking and knowing what you’re going against before you actually meet that person,” Baker said. When meeting in person for the first time always go in public places.

But can you really get to know someone through a phone or computer screen? “I don’t think that it necessarily changes the way people meet. It’s just another aspect of how they interact. It doesn’t replace, offline, real world interaction,” said Daniels. “It’s just as organic as if I would’ve met them at a coffee shop or a bar. The only thing is that you know more about them going into the situation,” said Baker.

And since 29 percent of Americans know someone who has used social media to find a spouse or other long term relationship, its popularity is likely to increase. Give your dating profile a boost by putting as much information as you can. “I think it’s becoming more pop culture,” Baker said. “You’re seeing it exist in television shows. It’s something that friends and family are even talking about. I mean, you see commercials of people’s grandmothers being on a dating site so I think it’s definitely more talked about.”.

According to, Facebook still tops the list of most popular social media sites, at over one billion registered accounts worldwide.

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    July 27, 2019

    Social media dating in general has changed many lives of millennials and baby boomers.

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