How To Pick Up Women Online

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Pickup Women Online

When you want to know how to pick up women online, you have to pick your battles carefully. Because there are tens of thousands of profiles on hundreds of sites, making online dating more of a maze than an easily digestible thing. The best looking Asian women are online waiting for you! Do you know how to meet women online?

In fact, the vast majority of men CAN’T tell the forest from the trees anymore: when to message a woman, when NOT to message her, what to pay attention to? You can easily find a woman online. The result: they WASTE countless hours doing NOTHING online. Wasting time while meeting women online is more deceptive than it sounds: time flies by when you’re easily distracted, and I’d like to give you 3 time SAVING tips that will PREVENT you from losing focus and doing what you came there to do in the first place, which is meeting interesting women. Do you have a good experience with finding online female?

How To Pick Up Women Online Tip #1: Only One Photo, Is a No-No – There are truckloads full of women who only upload ONE, single photo and put it on their profile, and an equal amount of men sending them messages. And those men are all, simple and plain, as smart as my shoe size.

Because when a woman only uploads ONE photo of herself for the entire planet to see, off course she’ll upload the most stunning photo of herself she can find, probably the best one ever made if she wants to meet a man. Why?

Think about it: if you can only fire one shot at the enemy when you’re at war, off course you’ll fire the most state of the art assault rifle you can find and not a near zero result musket that shoots blanks. A woman will upload a photo that shows her from the best angle. I struggle to get a good lady online.

Do you understand what this means? It means she can only DISAPPOINT in real life, because in real life, sooner or later the world WON’T show her from the best angle possible. When a woman has MULTIPLE photos on her profile on the other hand, you can COMPARE the good, the bad and the ugly and you’ll have a pretty sound idea of what she REALLY looks like. The best looking Asian women are available.

When that doesn’t disappoint, good for you, you can go ahead and meet her without worrying too much about how she looks. Women with several photos tend to NOT disappoint because you can compare, so avoid breaking your own heart because that one, single photo was a misrepresentation of who she truly is.

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