How To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

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Make Your Relationship Work

An increasing number of couples are found now-a-days breaking up because their partner or spouse is away and the distance has lead to emotional, physical and intimacy issues between them. The question is:  “Why do we let something as trivial as distance take a toll on our relationships?”  Yes, we agree that maintaining a long distance relationship can be intimidating but with little extra effort you can not only make it work but you can also develop a strong bond with your partner or spouse which will strengthen your relationship further. Asian dateing sites can make maintaining long distance relationships easier.

If you choose not to be bogged down by the distance between you and your partner and maintain your long distance relationship, the following are the pre-emptive measures that can work for you

  • Be honest about the limit of your relationship: It is important for any relationship to set parameters and give a name to the kind of relationship you are in, more so if you are in a long distance relationship. If you are just casually dating, please make sure that your partner knows that. Similarly if you are exclusively in a relationship with someone, do let her or him know. Having clarity on the relationship status will reduce the chances of false expectation and it will ensure a better understanding with each other.
  • Carry out common activities jointly: A long distance relationship should not be limited to justmaking a phone call everyday as a mandate. Just think, is a normal relationship ever limited to a phone call only? It is not. You do many things together. Why does the equation have to change in a long distance relationship? Keep doing stuff together. For example, you can catch up the same TV shows or listen to the same music. This way you will have more to share with each other when you connect on the phone call.
  • See Each Other: A daily phone call is fine but you should also make an effort to see each other. If possible visit your partner or take trips together to some place neither of you have visited. If an actual trip is not possible, connect over Skype or Google Hangout and see each other virtually. This can rekindle the spark in your relationship.
  • Reap the benefits of a long distance relationship: A long distance relationship will give you an opportunity to get more time for yourself or your family and friends. Since you will not see your partner or spouse every day, seeing them after a gap is thrilling and brings more joy. Also long distance may reduce the chance of flight as you do not react to a stimulus at the heat of the moment. You get time to think and then react which is generally a better way to deal with things. Enjoy these factors; re-discover yourself and thank you partner for providing you an opportunity to do the same.
  • Talk about the future: This is specially meant for couples who plan to marry each other. Planning for the future together can not only be an excellent thing to talk about, but it will also clear any doubts in your partner’s mind that may have arisen due to the distance between you.

To conclude, the best way to maintain a long distance relationship is to be transparent with your partner. With your love and little extra care, your relationship will flourish as it will overcome the gap of time and distance without killing the essence of a relationship.

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