How To Get A Guy To Notice You: 10 Tips For Women

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Tips For Women

Love is a wonderful thing, but first you have get noticed! Dealing with guys can be confusing and frustrating. Luckily, there are some things you can do to get a guy to notice you. Getting noticed is the first step to getting a date. Here are 10 tips to get any guy’s attention. There are plenty of tips for Asian women and men dating!

  1. Be funny and light-hearted. Don’t take yourself too seriously. A guy wants to have fun when he is around you. Show him you have a good sense of humor. If being witty isn’t your thing, try complimenting him on his sense of humor. Everyone likes to think they are funny and guys love compliments as much as girls do. Keep your topics of conversation light and fun. Talk about movies, books, stuff you can both relate to. Show him being around you is a good time.
  1. Dress nicely. Looks aren’t everything, but they make the first impression. Wear clothes that suit your body type. Stay away from clothes that are too tight or revealing. Slutty clothes might catch his eye, but it won’t have him thinking what a nice girl you are. Be clean, cute and classy. It goes a lot further than crude, rude and skanky.
  1. Make his friends your friends. Do your best to be friendly with his friends. It’s a good way to get close to the guy you like and widen your social circle. If his friends like you, they will talk about how cool, fun or humorous you are. This should have him considering how much fun you two could have together!
  1. Be kind. Do something sweet for him and his friends or family. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so bake away. Bake a tray of cupcakes and pack them up. Don’t make a big deal of your gesture as that might make him uncomfortable. You can say you love baking, but you always make too much. Say you thought he might enjoy what you made and ask him to let you know what he thinks. He’s definitely not going to throw them away and it shows you are kind and think about him and his friends or family. When you have an Asian women dating for men this is very important to remember!
  1. Ask for his help or advice. Tell him you are interested in rock climbing and ask if he knows a good place in town that has a climbing wall. If you like biking, ask if he knows a good trail. It will show you like to get out and be active and that you think he does too. You could also ask for help around the house. If you have a broken appliance or a leaky faucet ask him if he knows how to fix it. If he likes you he’ll offer to help.
  1. Being Available. Never over-stay your welcome. When you are together with your love interest and things are going well, be sure to leave early, even if you really want to stay. This will leave him thinking about you and wondering when he’ll see you next. Always leave him wanting more.
  1. Be unique. Be unique in the best way possible and show it. Set yourself apart from others with the things that make you different. You can do this in the way you dress, your sense of humor or the activities you do. Show him you are someone special, not the kind of girl he meets every day.
  1. Be mysterious. Don’t let him know every little detail about you right away. He doesn’t need to know everything about you in the first few times you see each other. Leave him wondering about you and wanting to know more.
  1. Social media. Don’t over use Facebook, Twitter or plain old texting. Let your love interest have his own time and space. Don’t text him all the time and if he doesn’t reply  do not send another text. Let him text you. Sending too many texts will certainly scare him away. The best way to use social media to get attention is to show how interesting your life is and how much you are loved by others. Keep status up-dates light hearted and fun. Mention if you went hiking or bowling or had a great time visiting your family. Don’t mention how much you hate someone or talk at all about your ex. Leave your baggage offline and out of sight of any potential love interests. Don’t be labeled a drama queen because of your sarcastic, mean or self-loathing comments.

10. Make him feel like a man. Men like to feel as though their presence makes you feel safe. Men also love to be adored. If he says he likes to cook, you can say “I love it when a man cooks” and you can even compare him to your brother or Dad. It seems like a strange thing to do but he will see you are comparing him to the men in your life that you respect. If he walks with you, it’s OK to say you feel safer when you walk with him. Even if he is not interested in you, he will take the compliment.

Every man is different, but using these 10 tips will help you get their attention. What you do once they notice you is completely up to you. Remember, be funny, unique, kind-hearted and ask for his help and advice when you can. Be friends with his friends and let him see other people enjoying your company. Try to dress nicely, classy instead of skanky and don’t overstay your welcome when you two are together. You should use social media responsibly and leave a little mystery for him to unravel. Lastly, make him feel like a man. Show you adore him and appreciate his uniqueness. These tips will get you noticed!

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