How To Dress To Attract A Man: A Guide For Women Over 40

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Women Over 40

First impressions are very important, because we judge people almost instantly. It is vital that the first impression you give is a good one. You should dress to look modern and stylish, and not try to compete with teenagers or women in their early twenties. To look attractive you need to feel self confident, so follow these tips and you will be sure to attract a man. Asian women dating is becomingly increasingly popular in recent years! Many men think that when Asian women dating for women over 40 that there aren’t many options but follow these steps!

Stand in front of a full-length mirror and look at yourself from head to toe. Is your haircut an old-fashioned style? Are you wearing the same make-up you wore in your twenties? Do you need a manicure or pedicure? Are you unhappy with your body shape? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’ do not despair, you can remedy all of these situations and you will look stunning.

Invest in a Modern Hairstyle If you have been attending the same hairdressing salon for years, consider making an appointment with a new hairstylist. A new hairstylist will be more ready to modernize your style, because she will not have preconceived ideas of how you should look. Before you arrange to see a hairstylist, browse through magazines for inspiration and pay particular attention to the hairstyles of attractive women in your own age group. A new hair color can look wonderful. Be subtle with your color change, so that your hair coloring looks natural and suits your skin toning. Foils or streaks will blend in with your own natural color and will hide grey hair more effectively.

Change your Make-up Now that you have a lovely new hairstyle and color, it is time to purchase new make-up. When you visit the cosmetics counter, ask the assistant for advice before choosing your new make-up. Many department stores have samples of various cosmetics that you can try before you buy. You may be surprised at the difference a slightly lighter or darker shade of foundation, powder, lipstick and eye shadow can make to your overall appearance. You may wish to have your face made-up by a beauty therapist. This is not an indulgence, because if you watch her carefully you will be able to copy her techniques, when you are applying your own cosmetics.

Have a Manicure and Pedicure Your hands are always on display and if you are planning to wear sandals or open-toe shoes, so are your toes. Nicely shaped and polished nails are attractive to men. There is no need to match the color of your fingernails with your toenails. Toenails look lovely painted in a dark shade of red, whereas you may prefer a more natural look for your fingernails.

Dress to Suit Your Body Shape Underwear can make all the difference to your appearance, so be sure that your bra and panties fit. It does not matter what size your breasts are, provided your bra fits properly. Have your breast measured before you purchase your next bra. You may be surprised to discover that you have been wearing the wrong size bra. Purchase panties to suit your body shape, as well as your size. Ask the lingerie assistant for advice on the most suitable underwear to suit your body shape. To feel attractive you should always match your panties with your bra. You may be the only one to see them, but you will feel more sexy and attractive when you wear matching underwear.

Shop for clothes in a different store to the one where you have been shopping. If you shop in a large department store, try looking in a different section than the one where you usually choose your clothes. Be open to trying on clothes that look different from those you normally wear. You may look beautiful in a style that differs from your usual type, so be daring and take a risk. Asian women dating is very simple once you can learn to dress and act with style. Find an assistant in your own age group, and preferably with a similar body shape to you, and ask her for advice. Sales assistants have an up-to-date knowledge of what is fashionable, and a good sales assistant will be able to help you choose the right garments for your shape, size, and age.

Now all you have to do is enjoy yourself when you are out. Looking your best and feeling pretty will give you confidence. A happy self-confident person always looks attractive. Surprise your male friends, when they see the new you. Well groomed, and beautifully clothed, you will look stunning, and very attractive to men.

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