How To Attract A Beautiful Woman

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Attract A Beautiful Woman

When it comes to how to attract a beautiful woman, there are numerous factors that men must take into consideration. While this may seem to only add to the already complex nature of women, once men grasp and take hold of these techniques, attracting women will become second nature. Don’t assume that all beautiful, classy women go for the cocky man with the chiseled abs. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Men are always looking for an Asian singles solution, follow these steps.

The first rule to attract a beautiful woman is to show confidence – As played out as this may sound, it is crucial when it comes to getting her attention. The main issue, it seems, is that men either push too hard and err on the side of cockiness, or aren’t assertive enough and end up looking like a pushover. It’s a matter of balancing the two that will help you land your girl. The best thing that you can do is show independence. The worst thing that you can do is show desperation. One Asian singles solution is to show good confidence. By showing a woman that you’ve chosen your own path and you don’t need anyone else to get there, you’re subtly showing your inner strength, which a woman will find desirable. Watch out, though, because sometimes a man may try to prove his independence a bit too much, and a woman may feel as if there is no place for her in his life. You need to be independent, but also willing to take her along for the ride.

Communicate in a mature manner – Sure, she may be attracted to the seemingly immature and child-like Ashton Kutcher type, but it’s unlikely that she sees a future with a man such as him. Women looking to settle down tend to lean more towards men who are able to communicate in a masculine, yet mature manner. This means to be certain in who you are and show a strong, masculine security in yourself. Ask her questions about herself but don’t shy away from discussing your accomplishments, dreams, and aspirations as well.

Learn to play around a bit – No, she doesn’t want you to come up with a funny response to every question she asks. Instead, tease her every now and then, but when it comes down to serious discussion, put all jokes aside. While it’s perfectly fine to be silly when the time calls for it, it’s not okay to joke about your sister’s promiscuity when she asks about your family. Answer some casual questions indirectly in a playful way, but when she’s serious, put on your straight face and get right to it.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your insecurities – Yes, she wants a masculine man, but she doesn’t want a man who believes he is flawless in all aspects of his life. If she is telling a story about why she hasn’t dated in so long, reveal your insecurities as well. For example, she may mention that she has trust issues because of a family event that caused her to feel abandoned, tell her about how you were backstabbed which is why you’re picky when it comes to friends. Discussing insecurities shows that you’re human, and it will also help to establish an unspoken bond between the two of you.

Stop talking about your ex-girlfriend or past lovers – The last thing a woman wants to hear is how your ex was wild in the bedroom or how your past lover cheated on you with five different guys. If you’re serious about entering a new relationship, leave the baggage behind. Live for the moment that you’re in and give the girl a chance instead of comparing her to your ex-lovers, both good and bad. Chances are, she doesn’t care, and even if she does, she’s going to realize that you have unfinished business to take care of.

Look your best – You don’t have to be Brad Pitt or Denzel Washington, but you do need to take care of yourself. Another Asian singles solution is to always look your best. Women notice when a man takes time on his appearance, and it’s a turn-on because it says that you care about the way you represent yourself. While you don’t need to wear an expensive designer suit to grab your woman, you should at least brush your hair, iron your wrinkled shirt, and remove the dirt from your shoes. It’s all about attitude, and if you show up on a date looking like it’s laundry day, you’re going to give her the impression that you don’t care enough about yourself or your date with her. This is not the first impression you want to make.

Clean your house – If things start to get serious, you’re going to eventually want to bring her to your residence. Before you do, though, you may want to reassess the place first. If you have old food stuck to your dining room table, socks hanging from lamps, and haven’t taken your trash out in a week, the last thing you want to do is invite a woman to your place, especially a woman you’re trying to win over. It’s okay if it look like a man lives there. After all, it is your living space. Even still, you should pick up your dirty laundry, wipe off your tables, and take out the garbage. Investing in a few scented candles wouldn’t hurt either.

Get up and socialize – Stop sitting in your house playing video games or surfing the internet all day long. Every now and then, freshen up and head out to a café or a bar with some friends. Women are often very social creatures and do not take well to men who would rather play video games all weekend than have a good time with friends. It’s okay to indulge in your video games every now and then, but you should still have a life outside of them.

Appreciate women – Make authentic female friends and show them off. Women often seek out the approval of other women before deciding whether or not to move to the next level with a guy, so if you’re surrounded by genuine female friends, she will appreciate that. This does not mean to flaunt these women in front of her as if they are a challenge. Instead, introduce her to them and show her that you respect these women as sensual human beings.

Play hard to get, but not too hard – Never let her know that she has you in the palm of her hand. Keep that chase going, or else that fire may fizzle out. Show her that you’re interested, but pull away every now and then. Don’t answer the phone every time she calls. Don’t accept date invitations every weekend. Every now and then, tell her that you’re busy and you’ll catch up with her later. If you’re up to the challenge, avoid her phone call for an evening. Never surrender right away because that is exactly what a beautiful woman expects from a man.

Tap into her emotional side – Ask her questions that require her to elaborate on past experiences such as vacations, her childhood, or her aspirations. When she describes these events, don’t use limp words to respond. Instead, when she tells you about her skydiving trip in Ireland, tell her that it makes your heart race just hearing about it. This will evoke emotion into your responses as well, creating a connection between the two of you that she will associate with a favorable experience in her own life.

Be intelligent, yet flirtatious – Men who have no issues involving themselves in an intellectual conversation may find conflict when it comes to being flirtatious at the same time. On the other hand, men who are naturally flirtatious may find it difficult to begin a serious, stimulating conversation. Again, it’s finding the perfect balance here that will lead a man to success. For example, don’t avoid intimate topics, just learn to discuss them intelligently and playfully, but also in a mature manner.

Make her laugh and smile – Tell a few jokes to break the ice. Discuss personal embarrassing–yet not too vulgar–moments. When asking questions, don’t make it seem like an interview. Show genuine interest, but also add a bit of flattery. For example, if she has an accent, say, “Where are you from? Your accent is beautiful.” Don’t go overboard with the flattery however, as it may appear as if you’re trying too hard. Also, avoid complimenting her eyes, body, or physical appearance, as this is cliché.

Ultimately, the true trick is to embrace yourself for who you are, both the good and the bad, while also understanding things from a woman’s perspective. Once a man learns how to portray confidence, how to communicate properly, and show a bit of playfulness, he will find that attracting women is not only fulfilling, but it is not as difficult as once thought.

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