First date ideas to knock her proverbial socks off

First date ideas

For first date ideas, it can be difficult to arrange something out of the blue, especially when you don’t know where to start. You can’t just come up with an amazing and unique idea out of thin air, right? So you are wondering what are the best first date ideas at night. Sometimes you can, but for those of you who need some help, we have compiled a list of suggestions that will work for you: The best Asian dating site is There you will find more information than any other Asian dating site regarding first date ideas.

#1 Indie music gigs. You need to choose an artist that she likes or someone you know is really, really good. Choose a band that has a pseudo-pop vibe. Almost everyone likes a band that may one day have a chart-topping hit.

Why it’s a good idea to begin thinking about first date ideas soon: In this blog series there are  20 most popular date ideas you can get inspiration of. There’s just something about dim lights, good music and the close proximity of one person to another. The whole feel of the experience is like a tiny spark that builds up to a climactic explosion at the end of the night. Plus, going to a less popular band’s show is way more inexpensive than splurging on tickets for a big concert. [Read: 7 ways to make dating a music lover more fun]

#2 Romantic restaurants near bodies of water. Since frou-frou restaurants are overplayed, you can opt for a cozy and quiet café near a river, a lake or the sea. Date Hack: Set the date on a full moon, and when the weather is agreeable.

Why it’s a good idea: The ambiance of places like these will compensate for the lack of showboating. It also gives you an option to ask for a walk down by the water, which is one of the most romantic activities that almost every girl wishes for. So you’re just starting to get ready on December and looking for first date ideas for winter.

#3 Pump up the adrenaline. Researchers suggest taking a date to a theme park to simulate a sense of euphoria in each other’s presence. That shtick has pretty much died out in the 90’s, so why not opt for something along the lines of paintball, laser tag, surfing or go-kart racing?

Why it’s a good idea: Science says that couples are more likely to develop an attraction for each other when their first date pumps up their adrenaline. It’s also way more fun than a walk in the park. [Read: 10 fun and romantic summer date ideas]

#4 Add a little culture and socializing in the mix. Art galleries are no fun when neither of you is interested. Still, there are other ways for you to infuse a little culture into the date. Sign up for an abstract art class or join a Color Run. Why it’s a good idea: Abstract art is subjective, so neither of you will feel intimidated by your lack of art skills. The Color Run is a race that has no winners or prizes. The main attraction is that you and the other participants are showered with colored corn starch until you reach the end, where a huge party awaits! It’s basically an art installation and adrenaline-pumping date, all rolled into one.

#5 Make your own food. Or at least sign up for a cooking class that lets you eat the final product. It’s best to choose a class that is out of the ordinary, like ones that teach you how to make sushi, cute desserts or anything that’s easy. Avoid baking and French cooking classes. That’s just a recipe for disappointment.

Why it’s a good idea: It’s original. It’s cute. The learning part also allows you to bond with each other. The easy-to-make part lets you eat good food without risking making a failed experiment. Most cities offer date night cooking classes, so you have a ton of options in case you choose this type of date.

#6 Scavenger hunt! Many of those dating experts share their first date ideas reddit. If you have time, you can set up a small scavenger hunt that will lead you to various date locations. You can start with dinner, then dessert and an option between drinks and coffee. You can also add little detours, like places where you can buy flowers and listen to music. Join the best Asian dating site, filipino4u.

You can even adjust the first date ideas according to you and your date’s preferences. Just make sure that the clues are obvious, and the locations are within walking or commuting distance. Weather it’s fall or not you not this first date ideas fall.

Why it’s a good idea: The mystery of not knowing where the next location is can add to the excitement. It’s safe to assume that you’re not conducting the hunt in the middle of the woods, so your partner will be all for it. Even if you make a crappy set of clues, you can always laugh about it while you explain how you messed up. We are giving you free first date ideas.

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    July 27, 2019

    Just over a year ago, I had my first date at a baseball game and then I made it to first base!

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