7 significant things a kiss could mean

What a kiss could mean:

Imagine a friend or your crush kissing you for the first time without your consent. A kiss could mean so many things and can often be misinterpreted. Imagine a friend or your crush kissing you for the first time without your consent, you may feel angry and confused and may question yourself on what they are really aiming at.

Pretty Asian women express many different meanings in their kisses. One way to clarify your confusion is by talking to them but before then, Holy Riordan of All Women Stalk lists 7 things a kiss could mean. To show love: This is one of the most obvious things that a kiss could mean.

Pretty Asian women kiss to show love frequently. We always hope that the person we’re locking lips with truly loves us– or at least cares about us. This kind of kiss almost always leads to a relationship, as long as both parties share a romantic interest.

To stop feeling lonely: Unfortunately, getting kissed by your crush doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to be in a relationship with you. They may be lonely, and want someone to lean on. Kissing is an intimate, fun act that makes a person feel wanted. If your crush is in a difficult place right now, they may be using you in order to distract themselves from their loneliness. To fulfill desires: Let’s #face it– it’s fun to kiss attractive people. It doesn’t have to have any emotional connection to it.

To get over an Ex: If the person you’re kissing just got over a serious relationship, they may be using you in order to get over their ex. Even the nicest person could kiss you in order to make themselves feel better about their.

To figure out feelings: Don’t get too attached after one kiss. If someone kisses you, it could be their way of trying to determine whether you feel ‘right’ together.

To make a point: If someone kisses you as soon as their ex enters the room, you know something is wrong. He may still have feelings for her, and wants to make her jealous. Pretty Asian women may kiss to make a point, If he has a big group of friends around, he may kiss you in order to impress them. You have to hope that’s not the case, but you should keep an eye out anyway.

To have fun: Everyone needs to let off some steam. If someone you know is stressed, they could initiate a make-out session in order to relax. Pretty Asian women may do it just to have fun.This is harmless, as long as they let you know what their intentions are.


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    July 16, 2019

    A kiss could mean things such as passion, support and complicity.

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    January 1, 2016

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