15 Tips To Help Your Long Distance Online Relationship Survive

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Long Distance Online Relationship Survival

It is often claimed that a long distance online relationship simply cannot work. However, if you love your partner and are willing to put in the required amount of effort, long periods of time spent apart don’t have to mean the end of your relationship. There are ways to keep you and your partner close, and help your relationship to survive while you are apart. Using an Asian wife finder can find you the perfect women to have a long distance relationship with!

For any long distance online relationship when people fall in love, difficult circumstances that separate them sometimes arise. Perhaps you met someone online or while one of you had a temporary visa in a particular country, or your partner is in the military, or perhaps one of you had to move abroad for work- regardless of the cause, you are now sleeping alone and there are hundreds or thousands of miles between you and your partner. Conventional wisdom teaches us that long distance relationships are a disaster waiting to happen, but this does not have to be the case for you. Whatever the reason that you are currently in a long distance relationship, it is simply not true that the relationship is simply doomed to fail. What is true, however, is that long distance relationships take creativity, thoughtfulness, dedication and effort if they are going to survive. Think about these fifteen tips, and try to tailor them to the needs of you and your partner.

1) Send your partner a letter in the mail. Although sending letters to loved ones in an online realtionship was once commonplace, most people now opt for emails instead. It can be very romantic, however, to wake up and find a letter with a foreign stamp on the front and your partner’s return address on the back. Touching paper with their handwriting on it also gives you a sense of closeness, and the fact that it takes some time to handwrite and mail a letter conveys the extent to which your partner is on your mind.

2) Have regular phone calls to discuss your news for any Long Distance Online Relationship, and also to simply enjoy good conversation. Most people find it mood-boosting to hear their partner’s voice and (perhaps especially) the sound of their partner’s laugh. It can be particularly comforting to have a brief conversation late in the evening before you go to bed.

3) Email each other current photos, or use your phone to send them. Weekly, or even daily, snap a picture of yourself in whatever you are wearing. You might try posing in a place that means something to the two of you as a couple, or featuring an object of personal significance in the photo. Sending and receiving pictures like this can make you feel more in touch with each other’s daily lives.

4) Use Skype (or a similar piece of software) to have audiovisual conversations with each other. Although talking on the phone can certainly be fun (and doesn’t require worrying about your appearance), being able to see your partner’s expressions and mannerisms can help you feel as though there is less distance between you. If you set up Skype ‘dates’, make sure to arrange them at a time that suits you both and will not involve any interruptions from other people or commitments. Many Asian wife finders

5) If you are in a Long Distance Online Relationship then you probably experience quite different time zones, take this into consideration when planning any kind of conversation. Be mindful of the fact that your partner will be in bed at times that you are not, and don’t wake them up or force them to wait up for you at absurd times (except perhaps on special occasions). Being courteous about the time difference and planning some of your activities around the obstacle it presents will show your partner that you prioritize them and care about not inconveniencing them. Remember when using an Asian wife finder you will be in different time zones.

6) Use sites like Amazon and eBay to order little presents that will surprise your partner in any online relationship. Some good ideas include a new book you think they’d like, favorite candy, small items of jewelry, a DVD relating to one of their main interests, and romantic things that serve to remind you both of your upcoming reunion (such as a guidebook for the next place you’ll meet, or the place you’ll be together for a longer time).

7) Make sure you establish clear rules regarding the extent to which you expect each other to practice fidelity. Some couples want and expect absolute monogamy from each other even if they are apart for six months or more, while others find that they can accept their partner wanting to have some casual sexual encounters with other people. Being honest and practicing reciprocity with respect to fidelity rules will make sure that both of your needs are being met, and will also help to minimize concerns about clandestine cheating.

8) Trust is extremely important in an online relationship. Maintain a strong sense of trust more generally. Even the most stable and close of couples can sometimes begin to feel uncertain and suspicious when their partner is hundreds or thousands of miles away. Be mindful of this, and reassure your partner that you will adhere to whatever fidelity rules you have established. It is also helpful to simply keep small promises that you have made—for example, show up to talk at the time that you say you will, and don’t go ‘dark’ if your partner expects to be able to get hold of you. Little things like this will help your partner see that you can be trusted and relied on.

9) Your partner will find it particularly touching if you personally package up some gifts and mail them in the post. You could send any of the gifts mentioned in the sixth tip above, or send things that they miss or particularly like that can only be bought where you are. If your partner misses particular snacks that can only be bought in your home country, send some of those. This is crucial for a Long Distance Online Relationship!

10) When phone calls or Skype chats aren’t appropriate or possible, you can try having online conversations via some sort of instant messaging system. This is not ideal for people who find it difficult to express their personalities on the internet, but other people will delight in finding fun ways to flirt and express love through the written word.

11) If you like to play online games together, this can be a fun way to spend time together when you are not in the mood for a more intense conversation. You don’t have to ignore this tip if you don’t enjoy most conventional computer games, because some social networking sites provide the ability to play word games like Scrabble.

12) If you care about music, share new musical discoveries with each other. You can use a program like Spotify to create and share playlists with each other, or you can opt for the more old-fashioned (and arguably more romantic) choice of making a mix CD to send in the post.

13) You can also make small adjustments to your sleep schedule (when appropriate) to help you tackle a time zone difference. This doesn’t have to mean either of you staying up all night. For example, if your partner lives in the UK and you are in the US, getting up a few hours earlier and going to bed a few hours earlier will help you maximize the extent to which you feel in touch during the day. Meanwhile, your partner in the UK can wake up a little later (if possible), and stay up later. Any long distance online relationship can be a challenge.

14) Spend a lot of time planning for the next time inan online relationship you will be together. It can be depressing and lonely when your partner is far away, but if there is an end in sight then focusing on that end will make the tough times more bearable. Talk about the things you will do, spend time researching trips you would like to take and restaurants you want to visit, and help each other search for good deals on flights, ferries or trains.

15) Keep each other informed about the normal, everyday things that you do as well as the exciting things. When apart, most couples miss simple things like eating together, sharing a bed, relaxing after work, and catching up with mutual friends. Talking about all of these things will help make your partner feel like they still know how you spend your time, and make sure they are up to date on the things that are important to both of you.

When you are in a long distance online relationship, the most important thing is to find ways to make each other feel cared for and secure as you wait for your next reunion. If you love each other and are well suited, you will find the courage to get through this difficult period of your relationship together, and will most likely come out of it as a stronger couple.

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