10 Things Men Find Unattractive

Unattractive Habits

Women love gossip. They notice the smallest things that men do wrong and then discuss them with their girlfriends. What about men? Do they notice ladies’ mistakes? Asian American dating is becoming ever more popular. Does an average guy whose occupation has nothing to do with fashion really understand anything about women’s outfit, perfume, or makeup? Some do. And here are 10 things they find unattractive:

Intricate Hairstyle – An intricate hairstyle is alright for a carnival or an extravagant photo session in a studio. In all other situations natural-looking hair is preferred. It’s far more pleasant to see and touch hair that is free of styling gels, sticky hair sprays and other hair products. Use Asian American dating instead. Rude character is very unattractive to Asian women.

Heavy Foundation – It makes your skin look healthy and smooth. It can even out your complexion and improve your skin tone. If it is visible, then you do not apply it.

Glitter and Shimmer on Your Eyelids – If you are not a professional makeup artist, it’ll better if you avoid using glittery and shimmery eye shadow. Very few succeed in applying it anyways. Matte shadow is always better because it does not cling to the eye crease.

Gummed up Lashes – This is what usually happens when you apply too much mascara. It clumps and does not make your eyes look sexy and tempting at all. Use mascara of good quality. Experiment with several brands and pick the best one for you– the one that does not smudge under your eyes or rub off after a couple of hours. Finally, use a special brush to comb your lashes and remove the clumps. You can easily attract men using Asian American dating sites.

Badly Shaved Body – Whether you like it or not, men prefer smooth skin. Such things play even a greater role than makeup.

Dry Skin – It’s unpleasant to touch dry skin. Scurfy elbows or heels look awful. Use moisturizing and nourishing shower gels, creams and body lotions after shower.

Bad Breath and Yellowish Teeth – Yellowish teeth and bad breath will never attract the opposite sex. Think of the reason what causes the problem. Are you a smoker? Or is it just your poor hygiene? Maybe you drink too much coffee, black tea, or red wine? When you joined the dating site do not act too aggressive. In either case, do your best to solve the problem as soon as possible. Use whitening toothpaste or strips to make your smile brighter and carry breath dragees in your handbag.

Wrong Lip Liner – If you use lipstick and lip liner, then after eating food out of the two only lip liner will stay on your lips. It’s even worse if your lip liner is much darker than your lipstick or your natural lip color. Let your lip products be as close to your natural lip shade as possible!

Too Much Fragrance – A drop of your favorite aroma is enough to make a man pay attention to you. The oriental ladies will be happy to welcome you with kindness. That’s the best way to keep a man wondering and imagining a lot of beautiful things about your personality.

Public Grooming – Trust us, men do not want to know or see how you make yourself attractive. All major makeup procedures should be performed at home, not in public.

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  1. Avatar

    Julia S.

    July 27, 2019

    I find it unattractive when men show a lack of confidence and trust.

  2. Avatar

    Lenn I.

    January 2, 2016

    Wow. I actually liked this article. It's all stuff that I don't like, either: excess makeup and hair product, rough leg stubble, drunk and needy people.
    Not everyone has to agree with these parameters but it's not even close to suggesting female oppression. It's not even macho.

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