7 Things You Need To Know About Filipina Girls

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Filipina Girls

For Filipina girls, I’m sure many readers of this blog have grown weary of the dating scene in your own country and have considered looking elsewhere (overseas).  The Philippines is a popular choice for men like you, and for good reason: Filipinas make great wives, which I can speak from personal experience.   Here are a few things to consider if you want to look for love in the Philippines. Single Asian girls are waiting for you, you just need to learn information about them. If you are interested in meeting a Pinay then you got the right choice.

  1. Filipinas are not “mail-order brides.” This term (often used by those bitter about Westerners seeking foreign wives) is neither fair nor accurate.  It’s true that in past decades men would buy mailing addresses of women in catalogues.  But even then they weren’t “ordering” a wife.  They were simply getting contact information and it was up to the woman to respond or ignore letters from long distance admirers. Meeting on dating site also is one of the way you can meet someone from country of your choice. Now the term is completely antiquated.  I first met my wife online and we met in person some time later.  Most of the guys I’ve met with Filipina wives have very similar stories—none of them “bought” their wives.
  1. Filipinas are very open to dating and marrying older men. I’m significantly older than my wife.  Some of my friends who found love in the Philippines married women 20 or more years their junior.  Not all Filipina girls marry older men, of course, but they are much more open to it than Western women. Let’s pretend a Western bachelor in his late 30’s or 40’s is thinking about settling down and getting married.  His options in his home country may be limited to women who past their prime in terms of beauty and fertility even if he is successful and reasonably attractive.  He won’t meet many women in their 20’s who are interested in romance with him unless he is rich and famous. Filipino women are not just hot but they are an ideal partner to have in your life.

His options are much, much different in the Philippines.  This same bachelor would probably have 19-year-old women telling him he is “guwapo” (handsome).  Filipinas are especially attracted to Caucasian features, so this average-looking guy would find he has suddenly been promoted to rock-star status as far as his dating options go.

  1. Filipina girls consider the practical implications of marriage. Some may argue Asian women are only attracted to Western dollars, not men.  There are gold-diggers everywhere, but I think this is an unfair assessment of Filipinas.  Money does play a role, but it does so in virtually every woman’s decision of whom to marry.

I think Asian women in general understand the practical implications of marriage that the Western world largely ignores.  An older man can offer stability and maturity while a younger woman will usually be more beautiful and fertile.  A Western man may be able to offer a level of financial stability that an Asian woman could not find with a man in her own country.

  1. Filipina girls are slim, petite, and attractive. Someone recently posted an article here about obesity among American women and reached this conclusion: “The rise in the desirability of Asian women is due to their lower rates of obesity.” I can’t really argue with this author’s assertion. The obesity rates in the Asian countries I’ve been in are nowhere near the 50% you’d see in America.  Most guys who visit the Philippines are simply blown away by the beauty of the women.  Their dark hair, dark eyes, naturally tanned skin and slender figures are a welcome change of pace for many.
  1. Filipinas tend to be conservative in terms of sexual values. This is not to say that all women in the Philippines are virgins until they marry (though it is not unheard of), but most Filipinas tend to express their sexuality only within some kind of committed relationship.  They are, generally speaking, not promiscuous and very faithful within relationships.
  1. Filipinas value family and motherhood. Feminism and secularism has convinced Western women that the 20-something years are best spent climbing the corporate ladder and riding the sexual carousel.  Women in the Philippines, by contrast, place a high value on becoming wives and mothers.   Filipinas can and do work outside the home, but she’ll always consider her family the first priority.
  2. Filipinas are proficient in English. A typical woman in the Philippines speaks at least two or three languages: Tagalog/Filipino (the national language), English (taught starting in the elementary school years), and one or more local languages.  I’ve had the opportunity to travel to other Asian countries and I found the people in the Philippines much easier to understand.  This can be a big advantage if you are thinking about finding romance.

Final Thoughts

Does all this sound too good to be true?  Take a vacation in the Philippines and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  You may never want to return home.

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    Robert B.

    July 28, 2019

    When I first made my visit to the Philippines, I instantly loved the culture and the Filipina women they bring.

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