Handling Relationships

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Handling Long Term Relationships

In the past years I was not good in handling relationships, I had lots of breakups and sadly it will not go beyond one year. My relationship last four to five months, the longest I had before was eight months and the shortest relationship I had was seven days. It is not fun to have that kind of relationship with others, for some people its good but for some maybe its not. Now I’ve change my way to handle a relationship, in the past I was selfish and don’t mind my partner’s ideas but now it change. Dating in Philippines can lead to long term handling relationships.

Handling relationshipsNow in my present relationship, we are now going to our six years and still we have the flame that burns around us.How did I do it? First of all have a good communication with her, second understanding, and third honesty. These three things that I do or we do make our relationship strong. Good communication, in my relationship today it is better to communicate with my partner. We talk a lot of things; we talk about our work, past relationship, crashes, and sex. About our past relationship, we talked about it but we didn’t make it any issue to what we do, we just laugh. If we have problems or issues we talk and settle the issue and make out. The next thing I do or we do, we understand each other and last is honesty.

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