4 Online Dating Warning Signs

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4 Dating Warnings

Online dating warnings is one of the most common forms of dating these days. While there are many success stories, there are also some horror stories. Just like with any other forms of dating, you need to be smart when you are online dating. Philippines dating sites can give you warning signs when dating.

  1. He talks a lot about his money troubles

Dating WarningsA man who will openly complain about his money, family or business problems when he barely knows you, will most likely start asking you for money. Whether it is a little bit of money he’s asking for or a huge sum, do not lend him money. This is a scam most of the time. A man who is trying to scam you knows exactly how to do it. He will work his way into your heart and then when he has you hooked he’ll ask for what he wants.

  1. More dating warnings He declares he feels a connection after reading your profile

This is an email that almost every woman who has an online profile will get at least once. If the email sounds like it could apply to you or anyone else out there, you can be pretty sure it’s a scam. The email will read like a love letter when all he’s done so far is read your profile. No matter how lovely the email might sound, do not reply. Replying only encourages more of the same behavior. Reserve your time for those who write real emails that aren’t overly emotional.

  1. He won’t talk to you on the phone

Dating WarningsIf he won’t give you his phone number or makes excuses as to why he can’t talk to you on the phone, he’s probably hiding something. If he can only talk during very specific times, this is also something to be concerned about. Talking on the phone when you meet someone online is the next practical step. If it’s such a big deal to talk in the phone, imagine trying to meet him in person.

  1. He gets clingy oen of the top dating warnings!

If a man you’re talking to starts demanding all of your time and attention, this is something to worry about. It may feel flattering to think he cares for you enough to want you all to himself. But no one, online or offline, should have the right to dominate all of your time. If the man you’re talking to confronts you about posting on social networking sites instead of emailing him, this is a controlling man that you should probably stay away from. If he’s already trying to control you online, you can imagine what he’d do in person.

Online dating doesn’t have to be scary. You only need to use your head when dating online. If something doesn’t make sense or makes you feel uncomfortable, realize it’s for a reason. Don’t second guess yourself or try to see the best in everyone that comes your way. Don’t be flattered by pretty words in an email. Avoid the heartbreak of being misled, betrayed, and scammed. Use common sense caution and think with your head instead of your heart when meeting people online.

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