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How To Stop Emotional Eating & Reclaim Your Relationship With Food

Emotional Eating

If you ever want to emotionally eat, spend, or drink, just remember: You react compulsively when you’re scared. Scared to make moves in your life that would fill you up, that would truly nourish you in ways food and shopping can’t. Find an Asian date online. In Asian culture it is very common to have emotional eating disorder.

Fear is a part of life, and in order to break free from it, you must accept it. It’s through accepting your fear that you tap into the part of you that isn’t afraid. If you’re afraid of having fear in the first place, if you avoid accepting your fear, then breaking out of what holds you back will feel so massive that you’ll use food or spending as an excuse to keep you distracted, safe and small. As a way not to feel your fear– or what you’re afraid … Read More...

4 Little Things Men Should Never Stop Doing Once They’re Married

Four Little Things to Never Stop Doing After Marriage:

If you’re a married guy, chances are, you’re a slacker. It may sound cruel and unusual, but it’s also true. Married men, more often than not, are very lazy men– and I’m not talking about mowing the lawn or getting the damn oil changed either. Want to Asian date? Follow these steps. When you are married to a Filipino woman you should stop getting in touch with your ex.

I’m talking about romance, chivalry and love. I’ve been there, guys. I was married (keyword: WAS) for almost a decade, and in that time, I went from being a fairly romantic grown man who was quite adept at proving to my wife that I gave a damn about her, to another fool in a long line of fools. I got WAY too comfortable with the idea that once the marriage was all … Read More...

Attracting the Love of Your Life

Attract the Love Of your Life:

Are you single and ready for a loving relationship? Do you deeply desire to attract the love of your life? Attract the love of your life using an Asian wife finder. Filipino girls are attracted to white western men.

We attract people at our common level of woundedness or health. What this means is that if you want to attract a kind, loving, caring, compassionate, empathic, happy, alive, passionate, fun, reliable and available person, you need to be all these things yourself.

Are you all these things? Since unhappy people attract other unhappy people and create unhappy relationships, and happy people attract other happy people and create happy relationships, it is up to you to do the inner growth work you need to do to attract the partner of your dreams. What do you need to do? Learn to love yourself! Use an Asian … Read More...