10 Keys to Dating as a Single Dad

10 keys To Dating as a single Dad

Dating as a single DadMen love Beautiful Asian women – Add the prospect of dating to the equation, and you’ve got quite a challenge. Read on for our expert-backed rules on navigating the dating scene while still keeping your kids interests at heart. Gorgeous Asian women are out there and they are looking for you.


Rule # 1: If you’re newly single, ease into it

“The decision to Dating as a single Dad is 100 percent yours,” says Ellie Slott Fisher, author of Dating for Dads. “Timing is particularly sensitive for widowers because everyone offers their opinion as to the ‘appropriate’ time, even though none of them is walking in your shoes,” Fisher says. Regardless of your circumstances, or how much you admire beautiful asian women, you’ll know it’s too soon to date if you need to talk incessantly about your former wife in glowing or not-so-glowing terms, Fisher explains.

Dating as a single Dad

Rule # 2: Talk to your kids about it

When you think you are ready to date, tell your children, Fisher suggests. “Say, ‘You are, and always will be, the most important people in my life. As much as I love to spend time with my friends and family, just like you do, I ‘d also like to have friends of the opposite gender, someone who I can go to the movies with, to dance with, to have a drink with,'” Fisher says.

Rule # 3: Find the right gal – where to find beautiful asian women?

The woman you’re looking for should understand that your kids are your priority, says Armin Brott, a columnist for Ask Mr.Dad. “You never know when there will be an emergency, when you’ll have to leave a date or cancel– and that might make her jealous,” Brott says. According to Fisher’s research, single moms are not looking specifically for a man with kids, but single dads are looking for a woman who is a mother. Many gorgeous Asian women have a lot to offer, so be sure to look around before picking “the one”.

Rule # 4: Don’t divulge too much about her – Dating as a single Dad

They’ll want to know her name, what she looks like and whether she has children, but little else. In terms of meeting her, this is a decision your child should make. You can ask if they would like to meet the woman you are dating, and if they say no (sometimes one may say no, and the other will want to), then respect their wishes. Be sure to add that at some point in the future if you should ever meet someone you want to date exclusively, you will want them to meet her. Most children will be okay with this because they can’t really imagine that happening.Dating as a single Dad

Rule # 5: Avoid the revolving door

Introducing women into your children’s lives too frequently can skew their perceptions. “Children can get attached to them, and then if they disappear it can make children cynical and pessimistic about romantic relationships,” says clinical psychologist Ken Condrell, Ph.D, author of Be a Great Divorced Dad.

Rule # 6: Be sensitive about when and how much time you spend on dates –

Never sacrifice time with your kids for time with a date, Fisher says. This means no dropping the kids off at grandma’s house when it is your weekend with them. “This speaks volumes to the kids about your lack of importance and focus on them,” Fisher says.Dating as a single Dad

Rule # 7: Keep your online dating as a single dad ventures to yourself, as well

If you meet someone online it is prudent not to show your children her profile. “This is about a potential relationship between two adults and it should be handled with requisite privacy and respect,” says Fisher. Don’t share all the intimate details of beautiful asian women with your children. “They never need to know that you consider a woman to be a sexy hot mess. Share that with your friends,” says Fisher. It can be really easy to find gorgeous Asian women when using websites such as www.Filipino4u.com to do your searching.


Rule # 8: Watch the loyalty complex – beautiful asian women are very faithful

“You have to explain that your dating has nothing to do with the marriage ending or whether Mom and Dad loved each other,” Fisher says. It can be tricky, since sometimes if the mom isn’t dating yet, she may try to discredit your dating in front of the kids.

Rule # 9: Make introductions cautiously. Dating as a single Dad can impact your children and friends

This needs to be an extremely low-key, short meeting. The initial introduction is an opportunity for your kids to check out your new love interest, Fisher says. Choose a very unintimidating location. Do not bring them to her house. Instead, have her come to your house, and set a time limit. This is an opportunity for them to look her over, get a sense of her. Don’t pressure your kids to like her– and vice versa. “Have no expectations. It is a naïve expectation men have that the woman is going to love the kids,” says Brott.Dating as a single Dad

Rule # 10: If you want a sleepover with the kids around, you ‘d better be serious. Beautiful asian women and your children demand the highest respect.

Never assume your kids don’t get it. You should be in a committed, exclusive, marriage-on-the-horizon relationship if she sleeps over in your bed when your kids are home. Login to Filipino4u for more information


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